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Core Small Business Accounting Package


As a small business owner, your most important job is running your business and generating profits. We’ll take care of your books for you by performing these tasks, which form the foundation of your small business accounting. Each month/quarter we’ll do the following for you:

Reconcile your bank account – this allows us to keep your bank account, accounting and taxes up to date
  • Identify lost checks, lost deposits and unauthorized transactions
  • Detect and prevent excess/unjustified bank charges and ensure proper bank transaction posting
  • Detect and prevent embezzlement
  • Know how your business is doing
  • Proper cash management not only saves you money, it can make you money
  • Protect yourself and your business – sleep better. Knowing your bank accounts are reconciled, in balance and that all transactions are accounted for transfers the risk and responsibility to the bank, taking it off you and your business. Let’s face it – crime exists.
Generate an Income Statement (P&L Statement)
  • Track revenues and expenses so you can determine operating performance
  • Analyze what areas of your business are over or under budget
  • Identify specific items that are causing unexpected expenditures (e.g. phone, fax, mail, supply expenses)
  • Track dramatic increases in product returns or COGS as a percentage of sales
  • Determine your income tax liability
Generate a Balance Sheet
  • Quickly get a view of the financial strength and capability of your business
  • Identify and analyze trends, particularly in the area of receivables and payables
  • Determine if your business is in a position to grow
  • Determine your business’ ability to handle the normal financial ebbs and flows of revenues and expenses
  • Identify when you need to take immediate steps to bolster cash reserves
  • Forecast when to slow down payables to avoid an inevitable cash shortage
Maintain a Clean General Ledger
  • This is the core of your company’s financial records. It’s the “books.” A problem in your general ledger throws everything off. Keeping this clean on a regular basis allows us to hunt down any discrepancies such as double billings or unrecorded payments. We’ll fix these things to keep your books accurate and in tip top shape.
Unlimited Consultations
  • It’s important you fully understand how to interpret and utilize the financial information we provide. We’ll go over things as much as you need.

Fractional CFO Package

(requires complete online access to company’s books 24/7)

Cash Flow Analysis/Management
  • A cash crisis can be emotionally devastating and potentially kill your business. Know when, where and how your cash needs occur by keeping both short-term and long-term cash flow projections. Determine what the best sources are for meeting your additional cash needs. We will also prepare historical cash flow statements to help you gain an understanding about where your money went. This aids in obtaining appropriate lines of credit, cash collection acceleration techniques, effective payment/collection policies, and maintaining the maximum rate of return on idle cash.
Strategic Planning
  • We’ll run the numbers and help you make sense of things, helping you to create a proactive strategy rather than a reactive process. If you’ve ever made a purchase because you “needed a write-off this year” then you are missing a strategic plan. If you’ve ever purchased a large piece of equipment in order to grow without knowing what you should have paid for it based off your desired IRR then you are missing a strategic plan. We can help with that.
KPI Analysis
  • In order to better understand your business’ current operations, we calculate and measure the key value drivers and their performance as it pertains to your industry. KPIs are useful measures of the overall financial and operational health, as well as growth of the business. Checking them regularly helps to identify meaningful trends or “red flags” which may require corrective action.
Business Valuation
  • We couple your company-specific date with industry-based financial and operational metrics which provides actionable insights into your company’s operating performance and value. We take into consideration general estimates of fair market values, liquidation value, real-time economic conditions, industry averages and overall business performance. This valuation is extremely valuable when negotiating the sale/purchase of a business via an asset sale, filing an estate/gift tax return, evaluating other companies for M&A purposes, securing financial resources for a growing operation, or when your business may be rapidly deteriorating and you are contemplating a reorganization, to name a few examples.
Financial Analysis (FP&A)
  • The FP&A process is a continuous cycle of data collection and analysis. As your business grows and expands into new markets or in times of market volatility and rapid change, the process becomes more complex. We break this down into four basic steps: Data Collection, Planning & Forecasting, Budgeting, and Performance Monitoring and Analytics. This can help answer questions like “which products/services will be most profitable next year and now?” or “should we outsource production or keep it in-house?”
Reports & Presentations
  • Put your best foot forward with lenders and investors with a prepared and organized approach. We can help you develop an Executive Summary, concisely stating your purpose, your needs, and the path forward. We will use your data and underlying assumptions to prepare pro-forma cash budgets and Financial Statements that others can easily read and buy in to. We will also, if requested and when necessary, assist in providing Owners Personal Financial Statements. Lastly, we’ve got your back. We believe in relationships so we don’t make the presentations for you, but we can coach you and help substantiate your financial needs/position when we need tagged in!

Complete Financial Services Package


Everything included in the Core Small Business Accounting Package PLUS everything included in the Fractional CFO Package

Add On Services

These are add-on services, not a-la-carte. You must utilize a packaged service as there is too much information to collect if we are not providing you a core service already.

Succession Planning
  • As a small business owner, retirement isn’t always as simple as deciding not to go into the office anymore. What happens to the business when you’re no longer running it? Will you have enough money to retire? If it’s a family-run business, those dynamics can complicate the entire transition because of relationships and emotions involved. Developing and implementing a well-designed succession plan is essential to the survival of a family business from one generation to the next. We’ll work with you to understand what’s important to you a construct your succession plan with a focus in these five areas:

    • Business Valuation (performed by a third party)
    • Business Restructuring
    • Tax Consequences
    • Retirement Projections
    • Tax Projections

Payroll Processing
  • No need to reinvent the wheel here. What’s important is that your payroll is processed timely and accurately, first and foremost. Additionally, we will maintain current records to provide you with worry-free IRS and State tax reporting as well as EFTPS tax deposits. We’ll provide you with easy-to-understand payroll tax reports as well as generating W-2, W-3 and 1099 forms. We will also maintain detailed reports on your employee’s vacation, sick days and personal days accruals. Lastly, we assist in creating and filing required new hire reports to keep your payroll records in tip top shape.
Bill Pay
  • Timely and accurate processing of your expenses is imperative to a smooth operation of your business. We can take this off your hands and will routinely communicate with your vendors to procure the most beneficial payment terms for you and your operation. We can typically substantiate more favorable conditions as a third party maintaining your books, when available with the vendor.
Tax Preparation*
  • Tax laws are complicated and constantly changing. It can be confusing. With our tax preparation services, we check and recheck your return with our compute software and AI to identify potential problems the IRS may look more closely at and review the math to limit IRS contacts. After completing your taxes, we will provide you a full Tax Analysis Report to help you make decisions for the next year, working towards the best potential tax efficiency.

    *You must utilize a core service no later than July 1 of that year for us to prepare that year’s taxes.