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My name is Kenny VanHouten and I’m glad you’re checking out our services. Here’s a little bit about me. I was born and raised in Newburgh, IN, graduating from Castle High School before moving on to Indiana University. I have two older sisters, both of my parents made their living as entrepreneurial veterinarians, and I have two amazing blended families. After college, I went on to serve active duty in the United States Army for about 9 years with two combat tours to Iraq. Towards the end of my time in the military, I met who is now my beautiful wife, Kayla. We moved to her home town of Rensselaer, IN and were blessed with two incredible children – our daughter, Brinley and our son, Kennon. I started my civilian career as an Insurance Agent with Bankers Life working mostly with retirees and Medicare plans. I then spent time as an agent and branch manager for a Horace Mann agency, where I focused on retirement planning as well as Property & Casualty Insurance, including commercial lines.

At that point in my life, I opened a side business of a small brewery/restaurant with my father-in-law and good friend. Subsequently, I was recruited by Edward Jones and ultimately spent the next 6 years as a Financial Advisor for that firm. During that time, my business partners and I partnered with another good friend to open a small distillery. In summer of 2023, I left Edward Jones to start my own firm, founded on the lessons and principles I picked up along the way.

When I was a kid, my favorite poster that hung on my wall was a picture of Michael Jordan with this quote:

"I’ve Missed More Than 9,000 Shots In My Career. I’ve Lost Almost 300 Games. 26 Times, I’ve Been Trusted To Take The Game Winning Shot And Missed. I’ve Failed Over And Over And Over Again In My Life. And That Is Why I Succeed."

As a grown man, I can say this mentality has stuck with me throughout my life. I have never been comfortable with the status quo and have always believed greatness is achievable for anyone. By no means would I compare myself to Michael Jordan in any way, but I sure can relate to that quote. The lessons I have learned as a Veteran, Insurance Agent, Financial Advisor and small business owner have shaped who I am as a financial professional and have led me to how I work with businesses and individuals today.

You don’t know what you don’t know and sometimes… you can’t get where you are without going through what you went through to get there. I understand what your business may be missing because of the experiences I’ve been through both as a financial professional and a small business owner myself. I’ve made mistakes I don’t know how I didn’t see before I’ve made them. I’ve trusted people to run my business, operationally and administratively, only to be completely taken advantage of and left cleaning up the mess. I’ve paid for services that were priced on the production of the business rather than value the services added. I get it. I understand. And I’ve been there. But… I’ve also continually educated myself formally and will continue to do so. I can shed light on questions you never even realized you needed to be asking. The amount of “deer in the headlights” looks I’ve seen from small business owners would lead me to bet you have some of those questions as well. If you’ve ever felt that way in your business, you’re in the right place.



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