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Are the life of any business and something we take very seriously.

That is why over 90% of our business is by referral.

 Bill went from $96,000 in Debt to ZERO

“Knock Out Debt” – 5 Time Heavy Weight Champ
Evander Holyfield

Bill Climbs Out from Under $150,000 in Business Debt


Coaching Client Earns $108K in One Week

$85,000 Settled for $8,500

I think one of the biggest things I can share is that after having our planning session and seeing what they had to offer for us to do that I felt a peace a and a release of the pressure; I knew that there was some light at the end of the tunnel and a hope for a better future.
–Carol W. – West Palm Beach, FL


I came to Crown Financial referred by my attorney. I was looking for someone to help me out of debt. Everyone at Crown was amazing. I’m really happy I came and if you’re looking for help, they’re the ones to call.
–Amanda Bellamy – Ft. Lauderdale, FL


Thank you to your organization for your love and compassion for helping us get the help we need. I searched many companies before I found Crown Financial, I didn’t feel comfortable with any of them, then I prayed about it and when I did a computer search, your company showed up. God is good. Thank you again.
–Shawna Perow – Gilbert, AZ

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My experience with Crown has been AWESOME! It is so reassuring to have their team working for me during this scary time. I’ve been really, really happy!
–Karen Mason – Jensen Beach, FL


The staff is always available and patient in explaining everything to me. They WALKED ME THROUGH EVERYTHING STEP BY STEP and were even able to settle one of my cards of $1400 for $250 within the first 2 weeks of starting the service.
–Carole Smith – Christiana, TN


First, I would like to praise God, he is the ultimate negotiator. I am thankful that he uses good people like Crown Financial and your diligent staff. We’re so grateful to get the monkey off our back. Our payments went from $1601.50 per month to $1309.02 fixed – saving us $3500 per year. This is a wonderful thanksgiving season for our family.
–Butch Corridori – Margate, FL


I was really struggling and didn’t know what to do before I came to Crown Financial. They told me they would take care of me and I would be able to sleep at night now. It took a little while but the results were great – our old payment was $2437.47 and our new payment is $1834.72 saving us $602.75 per month. This will make a big difference in my life.
–Luis Canchon – Wellington, FL


I’m Doug Smith from Bloomington, Indiana and several years ago my wife and I were first time homebuyers in a bad situation. The mortgage company told us at closing that they had to give us a higher interest rate than they promised. They said we could refinance later but we were lied to and given a 9.5% interest rate. Unfortunately later on my wife lost hours at work and my business began to struggle because of the economy. We ended up not being able to pay our mortgage. I found Crown Financial and the imod system online and it’s been a great experience. Our payments were over $1500 per month including taxes and insurance. We were able to get a 3% rate and a mortgage payment of $960 per month for everything. I’m now able to make my payments and it’s taken a lot of stress of our family.
–Doug S. – Bloomington, In.


Your office is currently handling a loan modification (for widows) and debt reduction assistance for me and I apologize that I haven’t been in contact more often especially to thank you and your staff for the assistance you have extended. This is a tremendous blessing to my son and I and although we are not in contact often, please know that there isn’t a day that goes by that I haven’t been brought to tears with appreciation in my heart from the moment I heard your advertisement on Way FM. Your office is acting on my behalf and handling my financial situation as if I gave you a MILLION DOLLARS. I am so grateful for Crown Financial Solutions!
–Rona Swartz – Ft Lauderdale, FL


Before I was introduced to Crown Financial I felt overwhelmed with my financial condition and concerned about my home. Their success in modifying my mortgage has allowed me to keep my home and given me a new outlook on life. From the beginning their care and concern for me was so appreciated.
–Deborah Cosmano – West Palm Beach, FL


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I was having trouble with my mortgage because I lost my job and didn’t know what to do. A friend of mine referred me to Crown Financial and the iMod system. I was upside down in my mortgage and going crazy. I’m so happy now that I found them and now have peace about my situation.
–Silvia Cruz – Boynton Beach, FL


When my husband passed away. I knew I couldn’t afford to pay my mortgage. Rob was in a business group with my husband so he invited me to come for a consultation. Rob and Marc spent more than five hours with me that day. They listened to my story, fed me lunch, and even prayed with me. Marc says to me, “It is the Christians responsibility to take care of the widow, so we will be doing your remodification for free.” I was amazed and relieved. Sandy walked me through the application process with such empathy and care. She didn’t make me do one thing that she could do herself.

Thank you Crown Financial, from the bottom of my heart for having the heart of God for me!
–Renee Girard – West Palm Beach, FL


Thank you Marc and Rob we mailed back the agreement with a cashiers check HomEq should be receiving it today. I thank the Lord for making this happen and also for Crown Financial Solutions. And YES I will keep in touch.
–Eppe Solorzano – Bakersfield, CA


Through the whole process we were treated very PROFESSIONALLY, everything was explained to us in a manner that was RELAXED and ASSURING.
–Mr. and Mrs. Sermino – Ft Lauderdale, FL


Working with Crown was a GREAT EXPERIENCE Â Your staff was so helpful and CARING and the process was so easy with their help.
–John and Ellen Potts – Lantana, FL


I can’t imagine how their customer service could be any better. The team bent over backwards to make our loan go through. I WOULD NEVER GO ANYWHERE ELSE. This team is the best.
–Erin and Chuck Hopper – West Palm Beach, FL


Everything was explained very professionally, your staff EXCEEDED MY EXPECTATIONS.
–Mr. Daniel Dantucci – Loxahatchee, FL


A FIRST CLASS ORGANIZATION!! Pleasant environment, my transaction was handled without any problems.
–Allyn Pier – Palm Beach, FL


The customer service was OUTSTANDING. It was a fast, thorough and EXCELLENT EXPERIENCE, working with knowledgeable and professional people.
–Mr. and Mrs. March – Fort Lauderdale, FL


OVER THE TOP SERVICE from beginning to end! The staff were the best and delivered beyond our expectations.
–KW Engelhart – Nashville, TN


My experience has been ENJOYABLE and REASSURING, which is greatly appreciated. The family type atmosphere was refreshing to see and I will gladly recommend this office whenever I see the need.
–Deborah Best – Boynton Beach, FL


I would like to take the time out to THANK YOU for all your HARD WORK AND SERVICE. You made this whole experience STRESS FREE and I appreciate that.
–Shawna Hill – Deerfield Beach, FL


I really appreciate the way everyone made me feel from the time I stepped into the office, they made me feel like I am part of the family. Your team was very PROFESSIONAL, PLEASANT and made the process enjoyable.
–Mr. Pierre Michael – Boynton Beach, FL


The dedication to EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE is outstanding. I was nervous for a while, but left with confidence and reassurance. GREAT JOB to the entire staff – thanks a ton.
–Ayesha Edmonds – Fort Lauderdale, FL


THE WHOLE PROCESS WAS GREAT! You and your staff took really good care of me.
–William E. Cooper – Dade, FL


Everything went very SMOOTHLY. Everyone in the office was PROFESSIONAL and COURTEOUS. Keep up the great work and I look forward to using you again in the future.
–Paul Gagliardo – Deerfield Beach, FL